Lavlu Ibrahim

VP of Engineering

Lavlu is the VP of Engineering in the nowhere digital team. He oversees nowhere’s growing portfolio of digital applications. With extensive fullstack and DevOps knowledge, as well as his natural strategic proficiency, Lavlu is an indispensable member of the team when it comes to unblocking complex development, security vulnerabilities and release-related issues.

With over 16 years of programming experience, he not only co-authored the ‘Cacti 0.8 Network Monitoring’ (Packt Publishing), but also holds an MSC in Computer Science and Engineering, is a certified CSM (ScrumMaster) and a Zend Certified Engineer (PHP). Both he and his wife have sound software programming skillsets, and now, almost inevitably, their twin boys are showing real talent for coding.

Lavlu’s hobbies include photography, getting lost in video game worlds with his children and watching and playing cricket.