Sarah Rozenthuler

Associate Catalyst

Sarah is an associate creative-catalyst in nowhere. Her expertise is enabling groups of leaders to access the collective intelligence that is already there in the room. She is passionate about creating the conditions for generative dialogue where everyone has a voice and the emergent future flows in.

Sarah has been a chartered psychologist since 2002. She has a first class degree in psychology from the University of Nottingham and post-graduate qualifications in organisational psychology and spiritual development and facilitation. Sarah has 15 years international experience consulting to global organisations including leading complex coaching assignments and designing and delivering leadership retreats for highly diverse multicultural teams.

Life-Changing Conversations, Sarah's first book, was published by Watkins in the UK, USA and Australia in 2012. Prior to becoming an author and consultant, Sarah spent four years earning her living as a street circus performer, juggling fire in the fiestas of Spain.