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Mojca Kriznar


Mojca is a creative catalyst, co-creating with nowhere CEE, and bringing her own purpose of ‘bridging the in-betweens’ to life. She believes in the immense power of hidden creative potential: if a space is created to inspire people with a collective purpose, they can bring the whole of themselves into action. She specialises in helping organisations find their purpose. By creating organisational backbones, systems are able to rise up and see beyond conventional paradigms. With similar dedication, Mojca supports leadership teams to move away from the energy-draining management styles and structures that are prevalent today. This frees them to explore their hidden potential and create spaces for meaningful action, in service of the greater good.

Mojca holds a Bachelor degree in Marketing, and a Master’s degree in Diplomacy and International Relations (Central European University, Budapest, Hungary). Her career began in media and culture, and for the past 18 years she’s been helping individuals and organisations navigate decisions at big crossroads. Driven by a humanistic philosophy, she deeply values freedom, compassion, humour, and the love of life. She lives with her family in Slovenia and works wherever purpose, and its impact, calls her.