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Nic Turner


Nic is a creative catalyst in nowhere and one of our most experienced practitioners. He has pioneered many aspects of our practice and co-authored ‘the Way of nowhere’ in 2008. He has spent forty years exploring the relationship between consciousness and creativity.

This exploration has taken many forms; driving overland to India to study yoga and Tibetan Buddhism, completing a Masters in instructional design whilst working for an American oil company, applying Gestalt psychotherapy in organisations, and for fifteen years experimenting with how Native American earth wisdom can help leaders and teams release greater innovation and creativity. For the last five years he has been part of the Ridhwan school.

Before supporting the founding of nowhere and leading the dissemination of the nowhere practice through our leadership programme, ‘Riding the Creative Rollercoaster’, Nic led major cultural transformations in some of the UK’s largest companies. He was head of Training and Development for the WHSmith Group, and Head of Organisational Development for Do It All, and for Boots the Chemist.