1.0 General online ethos

This community has been created in a spirit of inquiry and care towards not only its participants, but also the wider families, organisations and communities it touches. We expect all members to operate with respect, tolerance, sensitivity and a sense of responsibility towards each other. We expect this care to be reflected in the content posted in this online community; 'content' refers to stories, haiku bursts, comments, postings in forums and any media that is uploaded by a member of the community.

Please report any behaviour of an offensive or threatening nature, or which gives rise to concern, to

2.0 High standards of protection

2.1 Data protection

This web service is also operated in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003. All related information can be found in the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions links at the bottom of every page.

2.2 Child protection

The core purpose of the ecl programme, and of the professionals who work with this initiative, are to support the welfare, healthy development, creativity and education of children and young people. All aspects of ecl , including the online quest, are governed by standards set out in our Child Protection Policy. This includes the use of photographing and filming of children and young people, as well as the publishing any details which invade or threaten the privacy of any child or young person. An up-to-date version of this policy is available from the ecl Child Protection Officer.

3.0 Publishing and storing details on the Quest website

This website has been created as a resource for learning about different aspects of the nowhere practice and sharing in community. The interactive process (Q-U-E-S-T as a process) stores all relevant data needed for you to use the system.

Data relating to your personal account is accessible to you via authorised log-in with a password that you are advised not to disclose to anyone. Your personal data may be further viewed: by a Quest technician as a result of a request you make to the Quest webmaster; by an ecl researcher to whom you explicitly grant permission; and by legal officers operating in accordance with the Laws of England and Wales.

When you exchange general messages with another questor and when you participate in a forum, your personal profile will display details and the profile photo you provided. You can choose which details you want to make visible to the quest community by editing your profile at any time.

Each time you publish a story, you will be prompted to choose a level of disclosure for sharing your personal learning and insights. There are different options ('levels') for you to choose from. You can change your visible profile details and publishing level for individual content items at any time.

4.0 Moderation on the Quest website

Personal and/or professional stories that you share with the nowhere community are regularly screened by moderators as part of a general monitoring process. We invite all questers to support this process by bringing to our attention any story that raises questions for you in the area of child protection, privacy, copyright ownership or the general online ethos. Final responsibility for the materials published online resides with the individual who has posted the comment or story.

A member of the nowhere team may contact you on occasion because an insight you have captured is a powerful and valuable example of a particular aspect of the practice. If your content offers further learning and inspiration to the nowhere community, to trainee practitioners (of 8Qs, ecl or CCM)

Some of the web forums (community boards) will include learning inputs from trained practitioners. nowhere is not undertaking moderation of every thread posted. We specifically welcome your support in upholding the general online ethos.

5.0 Use of photography and images

The photography used in articles, papers and page content published by the different quest project teams on this website is sourced from: (i) our own library of images, taken and reproduced with the permission of the those involved, specifically from the parents and teachers of children involved with the ecl project; image libraries, (ii) purchased and reproduced according to copyright licenses.

When publishing photographs of your family, school, class or colleagues, as well as other visual materials originated by you and your group, please ensure you are safeguarding the privacy of everyone involved and adhering to copyright for sourced images.

If you are a member of a school and/or other support service, you must ensure that you have permission to reproduce visual images and that you are working with guidelines and policies provided by your organisation.