nMaps Pro

Moving from high performance to peak performance


Moving to peak performance

We are all familiar with the struggle to work harder, faster, cheaper. Trying to get more from less, and setting goals that are continuously being stretched.

nMaps are a way of breaking that cycle and moving to a Fourth Realm of peak performance.


Another way

There is another way… and that is to ride the highs and lows of the Creative-Rollercoaster into the Fourth Realm. Every time we do, we come back changed and rewired.


The Fourth Realm

This is why nMaps is not a developmental model per se, where the objective is to gradually transition from one step on the ladder to the next. Rather, it promotes a transformational approach, based on the impact of optimal experience, peak performance and creative breakthrough.


What is a nMap?

nMaps resemble an eight pointed compass, each direction of the map reveals an ally that helps open a co-creative space within us, and a distortion that closes that space down.


Creating a map

nMaps are generated from a 32 or 64 item questionnaire. The questionnaire invites us to reflect upon the last three to six months, as the reference point from which to score each item.

Results are then processed and shared back in the form of a dashboard report.


Our patterns at play

It is important to note that nMaps are not psychometrics; nor do they categorise people as fixed personality types. Instead they reveal the patterns at play just below the surface of our everyday consciousness.


Making all the difference

We are looking for information that illuminates 'news of difference'. For example: The difference between my view and others, or the difference between how I am and how we are. We can then use the map to identify actions that will make all the difference to our performance.


How do I get to create a map with my team?

Contact us for further information on product pricing, our catalyst and coaching services, and examples of the nMaps use and impact.


nMaps Pro

Moving from high performance to peak performance