Meetings & conferences

We design and catalyse co-creative meetings and conferences to significantly increase productivity and creativity, drive better decision-making and attune multiple stakeholders.



We help project and line teams to break-free of the orthodoxy of the dominant culture so they can accelerate business critical issues to breakthrough.



We catalyse breakthrough strategies that generate new patterns of thought and action to transform markets and create new ones.


Change & Transformation

We work alongside large-scale change programmes to support the human dimensions of change and minimise the massive risk and cost of organisational resistance. We also support the transformation of key business functions.



We design and build cultures of innovation – the ultimate form of competitive advantage enabling businesses to become true shapers of the future.


Leadership, teams & catalysis

We develop executive and senior leaders and their teams, and train internal change agents, by teaching them a new and next generation of subtle skills and catalytic ways of working.



We host one-day dialogues around the world, on key thought leadership topics, designed to generate new insight and critical momentum.


Products & Brandware